Hydro Science + Engineering


Hydro Science + Engineering is a multi-disciplinary water and environmental consultancy, providing research and investigative services in the field of hydrology. They partner with organizations such as insurance companies, attorneys and land developers to diagnose and solve problems around water supply, water quality, water damage, forensic hydrology and other environmental issues.

Brand Identity



As a new consultancy entering the market, HS+E needed to position themselves as industry experts right away with a solid identity to build credibility and attract new partnerships. HS+E came to Habitat to create a unique identity in the hydrology and environmental space.

Brand Identity

Although water is a central theme of what they do and who they are, we wanted to avoid cliché visuals and find a more unique way to represent water. Being big believers in their scientific process, we looked at the core components of their research which revealed an elemental theme in analyzing water, air and earth. We created a simple, yet bold mark comprised of these three key elements, contained in a shield to give it a academic and authoritative impression.

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