Azimuth provides executive management and project management services focused in the telecom and IT industry. They specialize in process improvement and metrics management to drive bottom line financial results from startups to established players in their respective industries.

Brand Identity



Azimuth is a boutique consultancy, competing against major players in the telecom and IT consulting space. They approached Habitat to create a memorable identity that could stand with their larger competitors while staying authentic to their value proposition of helping clients find direction with brilliant, relevant and practical solutions in highly complex environments.

Brand Identity

During the initial conceptual phases we explored many different themes from very literal depictions of an azimuth angle to more narrative concepts around direction and wayfinding. Ultimately we found influence in the executive team’s background in both the United States Air Force and aviation, which led us to create a simple brandmark depiction of a localizer, which is a common symbol in air navigation. We then balanced the more practical trademark design with a complex background pattern and bold color palette that stands out in the telecom and IT consulting spaces.

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